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Ashtree Polework Clinic - 5th February

This clinic will run outside on a large 50m * 35m sand and carpet school and is aimed at improving your horses core strength, and will encourage them to work more from behind. We are introducing a new instructor to our members, Jess Moody.

Jess Moody: Jess is an affiliated Event Rider and Trainer, producing exciting new prospects from young horses She has successfully competed at Blair International Horse trials, obtaining double clears in a CCI*.

So how does a successful Event Rider help out your endurance horses? Well, Jess runs some interesting polework clinics, and has a keen eye for adapting exercises to suit all disciplines. Regardless of your horses intended purpose, whether that be endurance, SJ, Dressage or eventing, polework improves your horses agility, strength, coordination and will help you maintain a good overall physique for your horse.

The sessions are always fun, and Jess is extremely patient. She has kindly offered to host and run this clinic for our Group, and this is also open to members outside of the Cromwell Group.

Postcode: NN11 4NN

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