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Winter Training Events

Welcome to our winter training events, which also count towards EGB's winter training league points. 


Polework Clinics

Supple and Strong

Our popular winter polework series are running again this year, taught by Anna Knoch and will be running frequently through the winter. Check out Endurance GB Website for entries.

14th January 2024, 4th February 2024, 2nd March 2024, 14th April 2024

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Aqua Treadmill Clinics

Equisplash, Northamptonshire

Introductory aqua treadmill clinics to help improve your horse's fitness and stamina without adding unnecessary miles. Based in Titchmash, Northamptonshire,


Human Fitness Clinics

Strength and Conditioning

Improve your own fitness with Olivia Cornick, Strength and Conditioning coach, and get ready for the season ahead.

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