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Who are Cromwell EGB Group
Cromwell is a small, friendly group of Endurance GB. We run international, national and pleasure classes.

Do I need an arab or a special breed of horse?
Absolutely not! It's all about fun for you and your horse and working together to cover the distance safely!
Yes, a number of our members do ride arabs, but any horse (and rider) that's reasonably fit is quite capable of doing the rides.
Come to any of the rides and you're guaranteed to see a selection of arabs, thoroughbreds, cobs and crosses.
We're a friendly lot and all horses and riders are welcome!

Are there any age limits?
We accept riders from the age of 8 and over but young riders must be escorted by an adult until the age of 13. 

How long has Cromwell been going?

Since the inception of EGB in 2001. 

What are we about?
Cromwell is keen to introduce new riders to this sport. To join in you don't need a special type of horse or equipment, just basic riding skills and a reasonably fit horse.
It's all about having fun and working with your horse to be the best that you can be.

What's our aim?
A primary aim of the group is to support and encourage each other. Training rides and the EGB culmulative point system lead to our annual awards dinner which gives riders of all levels something to aim towards.

So what's it all cost?
Membership varies on which type you go for. Please refer to our membership page to find out with type would be best for you. 

How much does each ride cost?
Our entry fees vary depending on whether or not you are a member and what type of ride you are doing. Non-members must pay an additional £8 on the existing entry fee at all rides. You can typically expect to pay from £15 - £25 for a pleasure ride. Grade Rides (GERs) are from £34. All details can be found on the EGB website. 
Sometimes we have to pay extra subsidies - these will be passed onto entrants - please look at the ride details to double check the entry fee.

What insurance do I need?
Membership of EGB will give you cover 24/7 as well as during the ride. 

Are the rides fast?
Pleasure rides as of 2016 have no minimum speed but must be ridden at below 15kmph. 

Novice classes must be ridden between 8kmph & 15kmph.

Open & Advance classes must be ridden between 10kmph & 18kmph.

Race rides (CERs) have no maximum speed to must be ridden at above 10kmph.

How competitive are the rides?
As competitive as you want to make them! In the end you and your horse are competing with yourselves. It's about setting standards for your own performance, riding sensibly and safely, working as a team with your horse and enjoying the challenge.
Our members are warm, friendly and full of encouragement. They range from real novices to hardened EGB competitors but they all have 2 things in common - their love of horses and the joy of a good days riding!

How safe are the rides?

Our ride organisers (ROs) do their best to minimise the risks associated with horses by rigorously planning and organising all aspects of our rides. Routes are checked in advance and marked the day before to ensure the route is fit for purpose and no obviously dangers are present on the course. Every rider is timed in and out of the venue and often we have RAYNET in attendance to follow our riders around the route. Our ROs gain permission from land owners in advance to use both bridlepaths, byways and private use to ensure the best possible riding is provided. All our rides are circular so you will start and finish in the same place. Road work is kept to a minimum to give the best riding and busy road crossings are avoided or manned by stewards. We rely on volunteers for this role so please get in touch to help if you can. You can choose to ride alone, with a friend or with a group of friends, whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

Nervous about doing a ride for the first time?
If you've never done a ride before and are nervous about riding alone..... don't worry.
Just email the ride organiser when you have entered & - no guarantees - but we'll do our best to pair you up with someone more experienced so that you can get used to how it all works.

What can I aim for?

We have our annual awards dinner every January with a number of prizes up for grabs! See our trophies page. Additionally, you can get involved in our Inter-Regional Team. We also reward horses with distance awards, not limited to Cromwell rides, which are awarded every 250km.

So - lots of fun to be had and lots to aim for! Lets get riding......

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