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What is it?

Club membership is an opportunity for Pony Club members, affiliated Riding Club members and members of RoR to enjoy the sport of endurance riding.


Club membership allows riders to enter a novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER) and Pleasure Rides of up to 40km at members rates, with a small day membership fee added to cover insurance. This allows club members to experience their horse being vetted, be able to see what speed must be achieved, and see how their horse copes with the distance.  You will not be eligible for trophy points, or lifetime distance awards, but its a great way to start your endurance experience.

How to apply

Applicants must complete all the details on the EnduranceGB website HERE. After registering successfully you will be sent by email your special EGB membership number and password.

Using this you will then be able to logon to the EGB website using your TBYB membership number and password, then select Your Account (where you can change your password if required). You can then make and pay for a ride entry to the ride of your choice online. Payment for the ride entry will be taken by credit or debit card.

Please remember to logon before trying to enter a ride - otherwise you will only be able to enter a Pleasure ride!

Once you have your registered for this scheme, your details will be stored, then when you enter a ride all the information will be present.

ROR  endurance competition

There is an opportunity to compete for a chance to win the Retraining of Racehorses Endurance Trophy. This trophy is aimed at those competing in endurance for the first time and logs pleasure ride mileage.

Owners of racehorses registered with Retraining of Racehorses can now become a Club Member of Endurance GB free of charge. As a result they will be able to enter Pleasure Rides at any of the seventy Endurance GB endurance events throughout the country.

In order that a Pleasure Ride should count towards the new Retraining of Racehorses national trophy, the distance over which a combination should compete must be between 10km and 35km with a completion speed between 8 and 12kph (5 and 7.5mph). Only Pleasure Rides at national rides can be counted, see below. Points towards the trophy will be accumulated for each Pleasure Ride successfully completed. A maximum of ten national Pleasure Rides may be entered in any one season.

More information about Endurance GB’s Club Membership Scheme can be found at:


Pony Club endurance

Pony Club members can enter Endurance GB rides at members rates subject to satisfying qualification and age criteria.

If you have never done an endurance ride before then you can either enter a Group training ride or a Pleasure Ride (PR) or a novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER). Pony Club level 2 – 3 (Merlin and Kestrel) rides range between 10 - 29 km and this is a good place to start for most members.  Most rides run by Endurance GB (EGB) will offer Pleasure Rides at the appropriate distance which can be counted as level 2 or 3 rides (see PC rules for full details).

You can find suitable events near you by searching the EGB ride schedule map  If you prefer you can also search by ride date on the national ride schedule list.


More information about Endurance GB’s Club Membership Scheme can be found at:


Riding Club endurance

Riding Clubs are invited to form endurance teams of three to six riders.  A Riding Club can have as many teams as they have interested horse and rider combinations.  Each Riding Club can then enter their teams into any number of qualifying rides of 30 to 40km (about 25 miles).  The qualifying rides can be chosen from over seventy EGB events throughout the country. 

Potential riders do not need any special equipment, particular breed or type of horse to get started.  Only the rider, their horse and normal riding tack is required.  Riders do not have to be members of Endurance GB in order to compete, but they must be current members of their affiliated Riding Club.  The Riding Clubs must declare each horse and rider combination with the national organisers before they enter any qualifying ride. 

A team who completes a qualifying ride successfully will have its team score entered into a League Table for the Region in which the Club is based.  A squad can then, if it chooses, enter a second or subsequent qualifying ride.  The team score achieved at the second or subsequent qualifier will replace the existing score in the League Table if it is higher than the existing score.  The team scores are calculated from the speed achieved over the course and the horse’s pulse at the final veterinary inspection.

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