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With a calendar of about 100 endurance rides held in every part of the country from spring to late autumn and local group events throughout the year, we need an army of helpers! Our events would not run without help from EGB members and friends of EGB – we, the riders, are very grateful to those who volunteer so that we can enjoy our Sport of Endurance riding. 
By helping, you can also gain insight into endurance riding and build up experience before trying the sport yourself. By helping, you can keep your involvement with horses and make new friends.



All our rides conform to Health and Safety standards and rules agreed by Endurance GB, and we are committed to providing well-run events that all can enjoy. As a helper we would expect you to be contacted in advance and given clear directions on how to find the Venue, what time you are needed, what things you need to bring. 
On arrival we would expect you to be shown what task has been given to you and be given instructions for carrying out that task safely.
Our helpers at our competitive rides are normally provided with food and hot/cold drinks throughout the day.
Our helpers are covered by our insurance for the duration of the event.



At each ride there are lots of different roles that need carrying out.
There are technical jobs, for example:
Timekeepers, recording the times riders arrive and depart so we know who is out on course
Vet Writers, recording the veterinary comments as each horse is checked before, during and after the ride

There are administrative jobs, for example:
Vet Steward, responsible for the smooth running of the vetting area and checking horses in for vetting
Check Point Steward, responsible for checking a riders progress round the route.

There are Safety roles, for example:
Stewards, helping riders negotiate busy roads, difficult gates or railway crossings
Parking stewards are needed to ensure all vehicles are parked safely and in the correct place.

All jobs are important, all helpers are important they all contribute to a safe event which all can enjoy.


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