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Have you seen our upcoming webinar series?

We've been busy behind the scenes organising 3 excellent webinars with Veterinary Physiotherapist, Pippa Winkworth packed full of knowledge to help you and your horse make the best of this season! The first of our webinars is a 2 part series titled '12 Weeks to Shine! Make every Week count and get ready for the Season ahead with Training and Fitness Goals'. The 1st part will look at weeks 0-6 of your training plan on March 6th 2023 and the 2nd part focusses on weeks 7-12, scheduled 12th April 2023. Full details are on our website event page here or can be found on EnduranceGB events page. Our other webinar, due to be live on 22nd March 2023 looks at common areas of weakness for your horse and injuries of the performance horse, how to spot them and what to do to help. These webinars are set to be packed full of wonderful information, make sure you join in!

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