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Getting started in endurance

We reached out to our members to find out how they got started in endurance riding and to share their stories to inspire others to give it a go.

Member, Gaynor got in touch with her story:

In 2005 following an unfortunate accident I was looking for another horse. A friend told me about an Arab for loan and I replied in an astounded way "I don't do stupid Arabs" ! How wrong was I proven to be.

His stable name is Sparkie and he is 14.2hh with plenty of bone and moves beautifully. However he WAS VERY spooky. Having contemplated sending him back I was put in touch with an amazing lady whose training of horses followed the classical route. She told me that she could help with my horse but I needed to go and do the Alexander Technique. Also after a few sessions she suggested that he needed some fun as he had been put in a straight jacket - imagine putting an Arab in draw reins!! Pleasure rides were suggested and not knowing any better the first one I went on was organised by the Thurlow Hunt.
What an eye opener. Having survived it any other ride was going to be a piece of cake ! Sparkie though was brilliant and loved it. He was 13 years old when I first had him and is now 27yrs and looking great. Also having spent time and patience retraining him and following the passive leadership route he is a completely different character and a joy to ride.
Whereby he had to be nannied he now nannies the youngsters. From a horse who had to be sedated to be clipped he now stands on the yard not even tied up and his terror of aerosol sprays has gone.
I love the freedom of the rides as we can go on routes not normally available to us in glorious countryside, take in the marvellous scenery and wildlife and spend a few hours being at one with your horse.

What a wonderful turn around for Sparkie!

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