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Endurance GB invites new riders to #GoEnduranceGB as the sport sees a surge in entries at grassroot

· Endurance GB sees riders registered for pleasure rides increase by more than 75% in a year

· Endurance GB Board is keen to offer the more than 3700 ‘supporters’ of the sport as well as riders completely new to the sport to step up to graded competition easily via #GoEnduranceGB

· Endurance GB members are being encouraged to help grow the competitive base of the sport by encouraging friends who ride outside the sport to take part in #GoEnduranceGB

Endurance GB is planning to build on a post-lockdown surge in grassroots membership and participation this season with a new scheme #GoEnduranceGB to encourage riders to step up to graded level competition.

#GoEnduranceGB offers the opportunity to enter up to two novice Graded Endurance Rides (GERs) up to 40km before becoming a full riding member of Endurance GB with a further £10 in membership or ride entry vouchers to all those who complete a ride under the scheme

Designed to smooth the path of riders who enjoy the experience of pleasure rides to challenge themselves and their horses at the next level, anyone entering a graded novice class through #GoEnduranceGB 2021 will have support from experienced riders and on completion an introduction to the vetting process with a post-ride pulse check for their horse.

The move comes as the number of registered supporters with Endurance GB has soared by over 75 per cent standing at 3724 compared to 2078 at the end of 2019, the last full season.

Phil Nunnerley, Endurance GB Chair said: “We are delighted to be launching our new scheme to tap into the real surge in enthusiasm we are seeing this year and support riders aiming to move from grassroots pleasure rides into the mainstream of the sport. #GoEnduranceGB offers a unique opportunity for riders who have tried pleasure rides over the shorter distances as well as those completely new to the sport to experience an endu