A great pre-season opportunity for horse and rider to be put through their paces in a safe and secure environment.

Make the most of an all-weather surface and excellent coach, Maggie Pattinson of On the Hoof Distance Training.

Maggie has a lifetime’s experience across equestrian disciplines from dressage to racing and became involved in endurance riding about 20 years ago. Maggie has ridden, crewed and trained at international level and with her passion for fitness and individuality Maggie is the ideal person to help you whether you’re a newcomer or top competitor.

- Improve rider confidence
- Understand your horse’s fitness more accurately
- Fantastic, well maintained surface to help reduce the risk of injuries
- Comprehensive warm-up and cool-down
- Focus on pace setting and schooling exercises to improve the horse’s way of going

Before the session begins Maggie will discuss exactly what you want to achieve both on the day and longer-term goals. The session is certain to be fun, encouraging and educational, with each horse and rider going away feeling confident and accomplished.

The session will involve various flatwork exercises as well as some endurance-specific exercise depending on what the rider is wanting to work on. Nonetheless, there will be a strong focus on building the correct foundations to improve the horse’s way of going and ensuring optimal efficiency in each and every gait. Confidence, technique, pace setting and track riding will all be worked on during the session.

Each rider will be equipped with a radio system so that you can hear all the way around the gallops. Horses will be fitted with ride-on heart rate monitors so that working zones and recoveries can be assessed. This way, throughout the session, your horse’s exertion levels can be easily and accurately measured, helping you to better understand how to train your horse safely.

Suited for all levels of experience, this session can also be an excellent starting point for a young horse to less experience horse/rider.

Fitness Clinic - 15th February (Postponed)

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    Maggie Pattinson

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