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Besides from the IRs being absolutely great fun, it is also an excellent opportunity to socialise and meet more like-minded people. That's not limited to just Cromwell group either as you'll get to meet many people from the competing groups too! 


Riders and their crew get to experience working as part of a team and being led by a Chef d'Equipe which is a great pathway onto Home International Teams and perhaps even Team GBR. 


The team is made up from across the levels, with inclusivity being at the heart of the competition. We need advanced, open, novice and first-season novice horse and rider combinations. At least one of our team must be a junior or young rider. PC, RC and TBYB riders are eligible to ride for the team in the 32km GER Novice horse and rider competition. 

The only requirement on our part is that you are in Cromwell Group! 


Whilst there is no special training required to participate in the IR team, we thought it would be an excellent idea to hold a session (or two) for the team as a practice run for the competition and to better assess the riders and their horses. 

More details will be released soon.


Vanessa Woodhouse


Cirencester Park, Cirencester, Gloucestershire


Friday 9th July - Saturday 10th July 2021


The Inter-Regional Championship is a team event whereby each regional group fields a team of 12 across all ages and levels of experience to compete for the championship title.   

The championship takes place over two days and team members then compete over a range of distance from Novice 30kms to Advance 80kms and results are calculated using Endurance GB's Performance Formula. 

Classes to be filled are:

80km CER

64km GER

80km GER 2-day

40km GER

40km GER Novice

32km GER Novice horse & rider

32km GER Novice horse

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