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Use of online video conference facilities by Endurance GB Groups and Subcommittees

(To all our presenters, please follow these guidelines when hosting an event for Cromwell EGB)

Online conferencing facilities are a godsend in the current times, and they allow Endurance GB to continue to communicate with members and to host online events (for example webinars and quiz/social nights).

Use of online platforms brings with it some safeguarding risks and the risk of cyber attack. Anyone organising an online event for Endurance GB must follow the guidelines laid out in this document.


Online events are subject to the same safeguarding considerations as in person events. Any online events run on behalf of Endurance GB must therefore be signed up for online via Clubhouse. This enables us to a) have an audit trail of who is attending the event in case of allegations coming to light further down the line, and b) have the correct parental consent forms in place for young people.

If you are intending to hold an online event for Endurance GB, please contact and we will set up a booking form for it on Clubhouse.

Cyber Safety

Endurance GB Board members each have an Office 365 account with access to Microsoft Teams. For Board or for subcommittee meetings chaired by a Director, Microsoft Teams should be used.

Some groups have expressed an interest in using other online platforms such as 'Zoom'. We are content for alternative platforms to be used as long as the good practice guidelines are followed, the meeting does not discuss very sensitive information, and access to the meeting is adequately controlled.

Video Conferencing Good Practice Guidelines

Anyone setting up an online meeting or conference for Endurance GB should follow these good practice guidelines:

  • Participants should be reminded to keep their anti virus software up to date

  • Access to the meeting/conference must be protected, either by the meeting host (Teams) or by password protecting the meeting for specific invited individuals (Zoom). Hosting open access conferences where anyone can click on a link to join in without being invited are not acceptable

  • Where online conferences are being arranged for members and/or the general public to attend (for example webinars etc) these must be signed up for via Clubhouse. This enables us to a) have a central audit trail of who is attending the event, and b) have the correct parental consent forms in place for young people

  • Presenters and participants should be mindful of what can be visible via their webcams and should take care that there is nothing inappropriate on display

  • Any participant noticing anything odd (such as their IT system becoming compromised) during the conference should tell the meeting host and remove themselves from the conference if possible

  • Very sensitive information should not be discussed in a large online conference setting.


For safeguarding queries, please email

For IT or Clubhouse related queries, or to set up a Clubhouse event for your webinar, please email

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