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Cromwell Challenge Series

Cromwell Challenge 2020 – full rules [NOTE this is subject to review in light of COVID-19 situation]

Again this year, Cromwell Group of EGB are offering a special challenge series for riders at events organised by the group.  Riders simply enter as usual at these events but can then submit their results for additional awards at the end of the season.  Points/prizes are for horse and rider combination.

The challenge series is open to all members of Endurance GB, Associate/Club/Supporter Members of EGB and Pony Club Members. Competitors do not have to be members of Cromwell Group. Results will be counted for competitors in all classes up to a maximum distance of 50km (+/-5%).  Rides/events have to be recorded on the special Challenge Series Mastercard in order to be counted.


1. Participation has to be in Cromwell EGB organised rides and events.  Events and rides run by other groups will not be counted. (NB the Cambourne Ride from December 2019 will be included in the 2020 results as it not possible to include this ride in the 2019 scores)

2. In order to be eligible for awards entrants must also help (or offer someone to volunteer on their behalf) at one or more of the Cromwell Group events in 2020. This could include group training rides/events or supporting the inter-regional team as well as helping at one of the national rides.  The challenge Mastercard must be signed off by the secretary at the ride/event where you volunteer.

3. Only results from PR/GER/social/training ride classes up to 50k (+/- 5%) will be counted.

4. The ride must be passed/completed successfully in order for the result to be counted.  This includes adhering to minimum and maximum speeds for the class entered as well as any vetting requirements.

5. All results/participation must be recorded on the Challenge Series Mastercard and signed by the  organiser/TS/secretary.

6. Ride scores determined as 1 point per kilometre completed (distance points) or points for Performance Formula as follows:

  • for PR's completed at 8kph or above a final heart rate of 64bpm will be assumed in order to permit the calculation

  • where the ride has neither heart rate nor speed recorded (e.g. at a group social ride); only distance points will be awarded as it is not possible to work out Performance Formula

  • PR/social ride classes completed below the speed of 8kph will only score distance points

  • Performance Formula calculations for GER classes will use the results for the ride which are recorded on the Cromwell Challenge card – please indicate if the class is an open or novice GER

7. Enter as many rides as you wish to but only the best 2 scores  count. (plus any bonus points

8. Attending other Cromwell events such as training days and helping at events will score bonus points.

  • Participation in Cromwell training events (other than rides) will score 2 bonus points.

  • Helping at a Cromwell event (including supporting the IR team) will score 5 bonus points.

9. Suitable classes ridden representing Cromwell as part of the Inter-Regional Team competition will be counted – regardless of the ride itself not being a Cromwell run event.  The Mastercard MUST be counter signed by the Cromwell Chef d’Equipe to prove team participation.  Team members riding in classes of over 50km (+/-5%) may claim 2 bonus points for participation at a Cromwell event but the ride result will not be counted.

10. Challenge series placing at end of season determined by best 2 rides plus any bonus points awarded.  Tie break of total mileage successfully completed.

11. Winner to receive the Kestrel Perpetual Cup, placing rosettes will be awarded dependent on numbers of participants. (at least 1st-3rd).  Presentation will take place at the Cromwell annual meeting and AGM.


At the end of the season the Challenge Card must be returned by 7/12/2020 to the address below:

Nikki Parsler

28 Hazelwood

Great Linford

Milton Keynes

MK14 5DU

Alternatively it can be emailed to

If you have been unable to obtain the ride organiser signature, then please include a copy of your vet sheet or MasterCard along with your challenge card.

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