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25th April Training Ride

Park Farm Equestrian, Cold Ashby Road, Stanford on Avon, Northamptonshire, NN6 6JR.  W3W: promise.celebrate.cabbies



This ride is being held at the Park Farm Equestrian UK Chasers course on the Cold Ashby Road by kind permission of the land owner Michael Eggington. 


When approaching the venue from the direction of the A5 and Yelvertoft / Clay Coton there is a right turn on the Ashby Road which is a little tight for large horse boxes.  Care should be taken turning here and also when returning from the venue.


The Route:

The venue and all routes are completely off road around the farm land on large 10m well maintain set asides.  The ground here is excellent  with lots of opportunities for great cantering, minimal downhill work, and therefore makes for a superb venue for early season fitness training.  Superb views of the Northamptonshire countryside from one of the highest points in Northants, with views extending over Stanford lakes over towards Kilworth.


Rides offered make use of the "long course", the "short course" and a combined "longer route"  including both loops.  Note there will be no route marking as the courses are already well marked out


This ride is being run as a social / training ride with the aim to give new members a "feel" for endurance in a safe and friendly environment.  On the same day the Cromwell group plan to offer a morning polework clinic at the same venue (keep checking back on My Clubhouse events for this), so you can spend some time on core development, mental focus, body conditioning and attitude development as well as straightness and accuracy,  So you will be able to warm you ponies up in the polework clinic, then head out on your planned distance, or just come and attend either option offered.



All riders will be given time slots to set off in, so please ensure you state on your entry whether you have entered the polework session also, and who you would like to ride with and whether you have a preference for am or pm and we will try our best to accommodate for you. 


The event will run from 09:30 to 15:30 (times may be extended depending on entry numbers), with no horses to arrive on site before 09:00 please. 


The Cromwell Group are happy to offer members (and newbies especially) the opportunity to undertake a mock vetting before and after their ride if so desired (NO OBLIGATION and note this will NOT be with a vet), and we will be able to take heart rates within 30 mins of completing your ride so you can assess your horses fitness.  We are also planning on timing the routes on classes 1 and 2, so as to assess final speeds and will provide a performance formula and mock grade at the end of the ride.  This is intended to give people a full ride experience without the worry if this is all new to you.  Please note on the form accompanying your entry if you like to take advantage of this as part of the event, so we know how many helpers we need to enlist to assist us!  You will also need to remind the secretary at the event on the day if this is also required.


Cromwell will also use this ride as an opportunity to seek willing members to the Inter Regional Team this year, so please ensure you come and chat to us about this, so we can note your interest and preferred distance.


Health & safety:

We hope to make this a fun but safe and Covid Safe day for all.  This event will be run in accordance with EGB Covid rules and guidance, so all riders must have hand sanitiser, gloves, face coverings and observe social distancing rules.  All riders presenting to the mock vetting area and to the secretaries tent will be required to wear their face covering (unless medically or age exempt of course).


IMPORTANT:  Note, there are static cross country jumps all around the course which you will not be insured to use as part of this training event, so please refrain from the temptation.


No refreshments will be provided.  A Portaloo only will be provided and you are asked to NOT USE the toilet at the venue in the farm.  Tap water is available, but due to Covid policies you are encouraged to carry your own please.



Class 1: 18KM 

Class 2: 13KM 

Class 3: 5KM 





"I use a biomechanical approach when I assess and coach in all of my lessons, this means I combine the horse and riders’ capabilities to get their best performance.

Over the years of using this unique approach, I am yet to find a horse that it does not work well with, as every horse has responded well, even the most challenging ones. 

Once you understand the why, the how becomes easier.

I offer fun, easy and memorable sessions to help strengthen and condition horse and rider to improve your overall performance.


  • BTEC level 3 extended diploma in horse management.

  • CPD for creating rider symmetry to improve performance.

  • CPD for applied Biomechanics."


Starting at 09:30.

Slots for 45 mins, either individually or in pairs.  Times allocated as hourly slots to meet Covid Rules and allow sufficient space between each session.  All entries via MyClubhouse

Tailored to suit levels

09:30 – 10:15

10:30 – 11:15

11:30 – 12:15

13:00 – 13:45

14:00 – 14:45

15:00 – 15:45

16:00 – 16:45

Please state whether you want to share a time slot with someone, be individual (additional charge) or happy to be added to a session.  Also need to state whether entered in one of the ride classes and which one please.  Ideally with a preference on whether you would prefer this session before or after your ride.

We will hold a waitlist if clinic is fully subscribed.  Cancellations with a valid reason will be refunded (Valid reasons include need to self-isolate due to positive Covid test for you or your household, horse injury - organisers decision is final) and short notice cancellations will only be refunded where we can fill the vacancy from the waiting list.

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