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Saturday 22nd February

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Georgina Bull is an Osteopath and Acupuncturist who takes a keen interest in riders, focussing on how they can improve their own bodies to help improve their horse’s performance. Georgina has ridden for over 30 years herself, and has been involved in endurance since 1999, both crewing at all levels, including WEG 2006, and working professionally with

the Elite Endurance Squad. She runs her human

based Nene Valley Osteopathy clinics in

Northamptonshire, and also treats horses through

her sister company, GB Equine Therapy.

Do you know what asymmetries mean for a rider and how they affect the partnership between you and your horse? Does it even matter that you’re asymmetrical? 


The words “asymmetries” and “biomechanics” have become buzzwords around the equestrian scene in the past few years, and that’s only a good thing. Evidence is beginning to emerge that how the rider sits on their horse can have a huge impact on the horse’s body and his performance. Riding is, after all, about balance between you and your horse. One of the rider’s jobs is to ensure they don’t interfere adversely with the horse’s way of going. 


Ask yourself the following questions:


❔Do you feel uneven or ‘wonky’ in the saddle in some way?

❔Do you feel you lack strength or stability?

❔Do you think you should sit a certain way, but you feel you physically can’t?

❔Do you experience stiffness or pain during/after riding?

❔Do you feel you lack body awareness, balance and/or coordination?

❔Do you have a good awareness of what your body is doing when you ride?

❔Do you wonder if your riding posture is affecting your horse's health or performance?


We often unknowingly hinder our horses with our own asymmetries and weaknesses such as collapsing through one shoulder or hip; twisting the upper body; uneven distribution of weight or shifting weight to one side. All very common, and thankfully all are easily changed with a little help!


This ‘unmounted’ workshop gives you the opportunity to make good use of Moulton College’s mechanical horse and allow Georgina Bull, a Registered Osteopath specialising in riders, to assess how you use your body when you ride. By combining riding knowledge with a few simple muscle and mobility tests, Georgina can help to highlight areas of asymmetry that can be affecting both you and your horse’s performance. The session will help you work on simple methods to correct asymmetries that you can easily recreate at home and in competition. 

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